CMG Reviews

“You are the bomb….thank you!!!”

Nickie W.

“We cannot thank you enough for the amazing service that you provided to us in our time of need. You went above and beyond and that is rare these days. The money was actually in our account yesterday and we were able to take care of our crisis. This was all thanks to you and your quick actions! Thank you again so much!”

Shannon M.

“Thank you all for stepping up, researching things beyond your control. This is truly how it should work and we appreciate the team approach!”

S. Gomez
Financial Advisor

You are the best!!!!”

“I mean beyond fabulous!! AMAZING YOU ARE AMAZING!!”

B. Primrock

“We’ve worked with Carpenter Morse (individually Serena, Brittney, and Alicia) for nearly 3 years now. They help manage our 403b plan. Not only do they help us with all distributions from terminated employees but they work closely with us on filing our 5500 for ERISA compliance. Each of them are easily reached, extremely knowledgeable, and provide trusted insight into managing our relatively new retirement plan.”

“I personally look to Serena and Brittney to give me the straight, unbiased third-party opinion when working with American Funds, our auditor, and our financial advisor. I feel comfortable that I’m doing my fiduciary responsibility knowing that Carpenter Morse is our Third Party Administrator.
Highly recommend!”

C. Martin

““Serena’s knowledge combined with her staff’s commitment to customer service create an exceptional TPA experience. Carpenter Morse Group’s involvement in my clients’ plans demystifies the intricacies of qualified retirement plans and relieves the administrative burden often associated with them. Carpenter Morse Group offers a very hands on, personal touch that you and your clients will appreciate.”

Melinda S.
Financial Advisor

“Having been a client of Carpenter Morse since 1998, I have found them to be very a reliable source of information and knowledge when it comes to pension regulations and reporting. They have been very responsive to our needs and their reporting is completed timely and accurately. Fees have remained fairly stable, with small increases, even though their workload of monitoring and following the new pension regulations have changed and increased over time.”

Cheryl L, CFO

“We have been clients of Carpenter Morse Group for fifteen years. They have always developed the best administrative plan for us and kept us up to date with any changes that needed to be implemented. It has given us a great sense of peace, working with such a great group of professionals.”

Karen S.

“I highly recommend Carpenter Morse Group for retirement plan administrative services. They are highly knowledgeable and very helpful with plan design and resolving issues. We like the personal service-face to face annual reviews, a dedicated plan specialist who knows us and they file our 5500 tax returns electronically. Finally, cost is lower than other firms in town since they are totally transparent on their fees and they deduct any compensation they receive from product providers.”

Steve T.
Financial Advisor

“You are so responsive, I love it! Thanks so much”

Stephanie W.

“I had the pleasure of working with Serena while assisting a client in putting a 401(k) program into place within his company. I found Serena to be very knowledgeable, thorough, concise and she delivers high level information in a way that is easy to understand when discussing unfamiliar terms and the nuances of the programs and products she supports. Through the process it was easy to see that Serena listed to what the client was asking for and did not work towards a one size fits all solutions. This approach is a great fit for a client that has questions and needs sage advice. Serena delivers and “gets it done “in a manner that best meets her client’s needs.”

“Personally, as a new business owner, I had some questions about how to set up my own 401k. Serena took the time to understand my position, what I wanted and brought forward the best fit strategy for my company. It is truly a pleasure to work with someone that is dedicated. Professional and knows their craft as well as Serena does. I would highly recommend her service.”

Kevin K.

“The Carpenter Morse Group has been instrumental in helping our company make important decisions since 1998! They keep us up to date on law changes and provide us with easy to read reports. They make the paperwork easy! We trust the Carpenter Morse Team.”

Dianne H.

“Thank you so much for your help. You made this whole process very easy & pleasant.”

Brenda C.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my working relationship with Serena Morse and her team. She is extremely professional and my clients have loved working with her. I would highly recommend her to any client or other advisor.”

John C.

“White glove service. CMG, Serena, went above and beyond with a new client that brought with them an angry participant. This participant was upset with the employer before CMG was even involved with the plan. Serena, on behalf of the client, handled all issues directly with the DOL. An incredible amount of time, money and problems were avoided due to her involvement. That’s white glove service.”

Bob S.
Record Keeper

“Serena does an excellent job in client presentations. She is very knowledgeable and thorough and explains things very well. After our meetings, our clients feel comfortable and confident.”

Adam P.
Financial Advisor

“They have always been great about responding to emails and calls ASAP. Kirstyn Jones, who handles our 5500 filing, has made it impossible to go through the annual audits without her. She jumps in to help out in pulling reports off the plan website and working with the auditors to get the necessary documents. My annual audit started yesterday when I was out of the office. She helped out so much that I could get most of the information pulled before the audit even started. Kirstyn is also working with me to eliminate the necessity of an annual audit in the future. I like that she is always looking out for me and my company. Brittney Bumgardner is our day to day representative and takes care of rollovers, loans and terminations. She has been essential to giving me more time to handle my other tasks. I am an HR manager of a company of 89 employees. I handle payroll, benefits, employee relations, compliance etc. I couldn’t not do this without CMG helping out.”

Marcia P.

“Our company has worked with CMG for several years. Their level of service, commitment, professionalism and expertise is unique and refreshing. The CMG team is accommodating, engaging and trust worthy. In terms of guidance, confidence and practical solutions, we highly recommend CMG.”


“In such a complex field as retirement plans, CMG has been outstanding in leading us through the maze of compliance issues. CMG’s responsiveness and dedication to our interests and needs is very much appreciated. We enjoy working with CMG and wholeheartedly recommend their services.”

Elden M.

“Good customer service is almost a thing of the past and when it is present it is oftentimes overlooked. When I am provided with the level of service that I received from Brittney, I do like to make the manager aware.”

“You are very good at what you do. Your response time and feedback are A+. I imagine that you would be good at anything you do.”

Suzanne G.

“Working with CMG has always been simple and care free. We sleep well at night knowing that our employees are in the best of hands and that the answer to any question is only a phone call or e-mail away.”

Jeremy M.

“Thank you for the prompt response. I’m impressed.”

Gregg B.
Financial Advisor

“We have used Carpenter Morse Group since the inception of our 401(k) in 2004. The individuals we see every year have remained consistent and the level of service is exemplary. They are always willing to answer any questions we may have even if it is not directly related to our 401K package.”

“We highly recommend them to anyone looking for excellent service and knowledge.”

Jill S.

“Serena Morse and her team at Carpenter Morse Group serve our clients well. They are very knowledgeable and understanding what clients need and want in the administration of their retirement plans. Their level of service is high and they are a pleasure to work with.”

Blake H.

“I just wanted to commend, Kirstyn, Brittney and Aleah for their assistance in helping me. As you know, there are some occasions prompted by unfortunate circumstances that forces us to utilize our 401(k) funds. These ladies, were so prompt, patient and thorough in helping me with my request, I felt it necessary to not only thank them, but to mention it to our group.”

“Thank you for your assistance.”

Chuck S.

“The Carpenter Morse Group continues to be a trusted partner and resource to our business. They are committed to their craft and consistently deliver value through their knowledge, expertise, and dedication to client services. It is Carpenter Morse Group’s ability to help clients reduce complex financial issues to simple and understandable solutions, that allows companies to really connect to what it is they truly care about- their people.”

Darren B.

“Carpenter Morse Group has been able to streamline our processes for our 401(k) plan so that our management team can focus on what we do best. They have also guided management so that we utilize the best strategies available to us within the legal guidelines. We will continue to utilize Carpenter Morse Group and recommend them now and in the future.”

Nero D.

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