Carpenter Morse Group offers an array of critical services to meet your retirement plan administrative needs. For more detailed information on our services, we encourage you to contact us directly.

Our Services Include:

  • Administrative Support and Consulting Services
  • Plan Document Services
  • IRS/DOL Form 5500 Audit Services

Administrative Support and Consulting Services

  • High touch client service with one dedicated Plan Consultant (No call centers!)
  • Plan Design Consultation every year.
  • Daily & annual assistance with calculating and allocating appropriate deductible contributions. Actuarial consultants on staff for Defined Benefit calculations and required reporting.
  • Timely completion of annual non-discrimination testing.
  • Trust accounting and proper allocation of investment gains and losses.
  • Annual calculation of Plan’s Top-Heavy status and minimum funding requirements.
  • Employee Benefit Statements and all required participant reporting.
  • Full Service Distribution / Loan processing and 1099-R preparation.
  • An annual or semiannual meeting with Fiduciaries of Plan to ensure Plan is operating in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Plan Document Services

  • Initial plan design
  • Preparation of IRS pre-approved Volume Submitter Plan Document (Document not proprietary. May be used with any investment company)
  • Preparation of Summary Plan Description
  • Preparation of supporting forms (i.e. enrollment and beneficiary forms)
  • Plan termination submissions
  • Timely IRS required amendments and restatements as needed
  • Notification of upcoming required amendments

IRS/DOL Form 5500 Audit Services

  • Free initial consultation to review IRS or Department of Labor Audit Request
  • Review of non-discrimination testing
  • Review of plan documents
  • In person meeting with Auditor at your office to assist with communicating any problems or issues that may arise and possible corrections
  • Enrolled Retirement Plan Agents eligible to practice before the IRS to assist in fee reductions and waivers

For more information on Carpenter Morse Group, contact us today!